Watch-maker's manual
Manual Icon
Type book
Author Z, Ziegler
Game(s) Alone in the Dark III

The Watch-maker's manual was a book that could be found in the Library room of Slaughter Gulch town hall. It appeared in Alone in the Dark III.


by Z, Ziegler
(Zurich, 1913)

Using a method whose secrets
I will reveal in my next work,
any watch-maker worthy of
the name should be able to
control relatively simple
mechanisms from a distance.

A door or safe lock
will hold no secrets
for a ZIEGLER watch!


  • The book is narrated by a voice in a German-like accent (e.g. "watch" being pronounced as "vatch")
  • The appearance of the book is similar to that of the [[White
Watchmaker-book pickup