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Weak Pirate
Gender Male?
Race Unknown
Location(s) Tunnel underneath the hedge maze of hell's Kitchen
Game(s) Alone in the Dark 2
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The Weak Pirate was one of the Pirate henchmen that was presumably working for One-Eyed Jack. This enemy was only found once in the Card Hatch Tunnel, near the end wooden support next to the ladder to the lone Card hatch tunnel was located. it was able to attack by close combat, and could be defeated with one blow, either by gun or even unarmed combat. It does not harm the play but can be quick a nuisence because he tries to impede the player. when trying to get pass, it makes a launghing sound. It wore pirate-like attire.

Trivia Edit

Unlike most of the normal pirate gangsters, the enemy evaporates in a puff of smoke, instead of their bodies sinking into the ground. it could be speculated that the weak pirate was something conjured into being, most likely by Elizabeth Jarret.

Weak pirate impeding

Dark Maze
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