Gender Male
Actor(s) Zack Ward
Movie(s) Alone in the Dark II

Xavier was character in Alone in the Dark II film. He was also a user of cocaine.

When night, whilst he was in a public toilet in the woods, using cocaine whilst listening to his stereo, he hears a sound of people rushing inside as though they were running and hides inside a toilet cubicle. When the thing chasing the people caught up with the trio, they were killed and then attacked Xavier.

Three days later, Xavier was standing on a street waiting to meet up with Carnby, who Xavier claims know a lot about the occult. After Xavier and Carnby sneak into a morgue containing the cadavers of the three, Xavier explains the affilctions he got after being mysterious attacked. After seeing that Carnby somehow has the same affliction, he stabs Carnby with the same knife that the three were carrying in the hope that by obeying the voice would cure his condition.

Dark Maze
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